Terrain Correction

Radiometric correction involves removing the misleading influence of topography on backscatter values. Terrain correction is the process of correcting geometric distortions that lead to geolocation errors.

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Change Detection

Change Detection is a technique that detects which areas have changed between two synthetic aperture radar scenes. The unique properties of SAR can detect changes that aren't easily visible in optical imagery.


Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR), is a radar technique using two or more synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images to generate maps of surface deformation or digital elevation, using differences in the phase of the waves returning to the satellite or aircraft.

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Specify all of the attributes necessary to identify your area of interest including geography, polarization, paths, direction, start date, and the type of SAR processing you want.


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Once you have subscribed, ASF will monitor newly acquired SAR data, process granules matching your requirements, and have the resulting products ready and waiting for you here.

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